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Lopresti Wines is a family run business full of experiences and characters. Operating the business through family, visitors to the vineyards and cellar door have the opportunity to meet the people behind the wines. The vineyards are situated in and around the flat plateau that is Aldinga and Willunga which is surrounded by stunning coast lines and gentle rolling hills.  

The roots of viticulture in the Lopresti family began around 1910 in Italy, with Vincenzo Lopresti who began growing vines to produce wine. Vincenzo raised his son Giuseppe introducing him to vines from a young age. As Giuseppe grew, it wasn't long before he was out in the vineyards working beside his father pruning and harvesting the grapes. Giuseppe became familiar with the general workings of maintaining a vineyard and eventually took over from his father. After marrying in 1946 Giuseppe and his wife Caterina gave birth to three sons' and one daughter, Vincenzo, Domenico, Francesco and Rosa. As tradition would see it the three boys grew up working the vineyards with their father. It was here that Giuseppe could use the knowledge his father had taught him and pass it on to the young boys. The three were taught all they need to know about vineyards and the making of home made wine. The boys enjoyed working in the vineyards but none enjoyed it as much as the middle child, Domenico. Pruning and harvesting every year only improved Domenico's knowledge on producing quality berries from the vines.
In 1966 at the age of eighteen Don, as he is now known, migrated to Australia to accompany his brother Vincenzo who had made the trip months earlier. He was the second person from the Lopresti family to make the journey. Don worked in various jobs but succeeded within the hospitality industry owning and operating a restaurant and pizza bar for 26 year's. It was in 1975 that Don purchased his first 10 acre's of land at Aldinga. The land was bare until 1983 when Don decided to plant vines as a hobby. Don slowly grew his vineyards through hard work and determination, often working day and night to produce premium grapes. He began with 10 acre's and now maintains 200 acre's of premium vines.

Through his experience's Don was able to see how different methods produced different results in terms of quality in both the berries and vines. Don absorbed the methods which supported the vine in producing high quality crops. He has incorporated the new technology,which has helped to ensure that job's are completed with minimal fuss and with minimal loss of production time. Don has followed tradition and has passed his knowledge onto his son's Joe, Michael and Daniel who help with the maintenance of the vineyards.
With every vintage that passes we see a growth in wineries, from across the region, expressing interests from either viewing our vineyards or hearing about the success wineries have in producing award winning wines with our grapes.
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