29th June 2006
Lopresti Wines sponsoring International Hair Society 50th Anniversary Dinner
Lopresti Wines have been chosen to sponsor the prestige's event that is the International Hair Society's 50th anniversary dinner on the 29th of July at the Italian Centre 2006.

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April 2006
Grape Generosity Helps Queensland Wildlife Survive Cyclone Larry

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After the devastating effects of Cyclone Larry, wildlife in far north Queensland were left with little or no food sources, since the storm did a thorough job of stripping plants and trees between Cardwell, Cairns and the Atherton/Evelyn Tableland.

When McLaren Vale Grape, Wine and Tourism Association heard about the plight of Queensland native birds and animals, the organization linked up with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to provide the organisation with names of McLaren Vale grape-growers who could donate grapes to the hungry, injured or orphaned wildlife victims.

“Acts of nature can cause such an impact; and we always like to help out other regions whenever we can,” said Lucy Hyde, Viticulture Development Officer for McLaren Vale Grape, Wine and Tourism Association.

Heeding the call for help, McLaren Vale father-and-son growers Don and Joe Lopresti, along with a volunteer team of community residents, came together to pick over 120 kilograms of grapes from the Lopresti Wines Willunga vineyard, and then arranged to have them flown to Northern Queensland.

“We didn't realise wine grapes could be used to feed various rainforest wildlife,” said Joe Lopresti, Manager of Lopresti Wines.

“When we got the call from the wildlife service, we asked ‘Are you sure they can eat them?'” said Joe.

“Once we were aware we could assist, we were glad to help; and we know they are getting good food to aid in the feeding plan that has been organised by the wildlife service.”

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service expects it will take several more months for the affected areas to replenish and once again provide a food source for native animals.

“In the aftermath of the cyclone many of our native birds and animals are in dire need of food donations, since many are totally reliant on rainforest fruits, blossoms, seeds and leaves,” said Scott Sullivan, Team Leader for the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

“Donations like those from Lopresti Wines are keeping wildlife alive until there is more environmental recovery. It will be a long haul, especially with areas that are really damaged.”

“We have found birds such as our endangered species of Cassowary seem to be especially fond of grapes, so we're pleased to have a supply for them. The great thing about grapes is that they can be frozen and distributed to wildlife throughout the year.”

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